Saudi Meters Company is ‘a’ member of Abunayyan Holding Company, a leading provider of integrated solutions in water, power, oil and gas applications throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Synonymous with the ‘best’, Abunayyan Holding’s collaborative partnerships and local capabilities and manufacturing facilities ensure that customers receive optimum value.

Saudi Meters Company (SMC) is the first water meters manufacturer in the Gulf Region. It was established in 1981 lending it extensive experience and expertise in the field of water meters; the capacity for the production of which the company has recently expanded even further. Located in the 2nd Industrial City in Riyadh, SMC manufactures all types of mechanical water meters (Dry Multi-Jet, Semi Dry Multi-Jet, Wet Multi-Jet).

SMC has a long history of forming synergistic relationships with customers and technology partners for the successful production and distribution of Water Meters in Saudi Arabia. Over the past 34 years, we have also exported our wide range of high quality and safe products to other GCC countries.

In 2017, SMC signed an industrial agreement with Diehl Metering, a world renowned German manufacturer of Smart Water Meters, to localize the manufacturing of Smart Water Meters (Hydrus) in Saudi Arabia. This technology allows the tracking of accurate consumption of water and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) thereby helping in the implementation of an ideal billing management system as per recent market trends. Furthermore, this innovation is also in line with the Saudi government’s Vision 2030 of monitoring and reducing wasteful water consumption.


35 years of
success in the


Kingdom Vision


Smart Water Meters in
Saudi Arabia



To be the leader in manufacturing of Industrial and Residential Measuring Instruments catering to the power, water,oil and gas industries/sectors in KSA and MENA region.


  • Manufacture and supply world class water, power and gas measuring solutions through a diverse product range of superior quality thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Engage employees and make sure they are part of a thriving and stimulating work environment
  • Create a relationship of co-prosperity with shareholders’ guaranteeing their returns are secure.


Hydrus Meters were approved by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) & National Water Company (NWC) in 2011 and more than 1,000,000 meters have already been installed in local water networks.

SMC is built and equipped according to the best advanced technology with world class manufacturing facilities. At SMC, we are certified in accordance with local and international standards and our product is approved by Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), MID and NSF International. Additionally, we are IMS certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001).

We firmly believe in implementing best practices of which the deployment of Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing philosophy gives us the added advantage of improved performance and efficiency.


Saudi Meters Company (SMC) is committed to achieving the full satisfaction of its stakeholders through the optimum implementation of quality, health, safety, and environment management systems in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, national and international statutory standards.

The company realizes the importance of a strong quality culture built first and foremost on a healthy and safe work environment for employees and the community. This in turn fosters continual improvement and a drive for excellence in all aspects.


  • Expand quality culture.
  • Foster a quality mindset at all levels in SMC.
  • Consistent operations and processes.
  • Work towards continual improvement.
  • Deliver defect free products and make sure they are delivered on time.
  • Improvement of internal/external communications.